Snow removal by Fine Shine Exteriors

7We offer residential and small commercial snow removal.  There are many reasons we stand out from the competition! All of our customers are priority. If you want your snow removed by 7am we do everything in our power to make it happen! We don’t push you off for a higher paying job. If our schedule is full we will not take any more work on. There is nothing worse than a contractor that is overwhelmed. There is information that needs to be taken onto account when doing snow removal. We make sure we know the property, and install markers if needed (you do not want your lawn destroyed). Also we take into account the condition of the driveway, sidewalk, etc. if it is in less than ideal condition, we will make note of it, and use a means of removing the snow without making the surface worse. We also make sure our equipment is maintained, so no fluids leak.

  • We prefer charging on a per time basis with monthly invoicing. If you insist on a seasonal bid, we can certainly provide you for one.
  • Commonly a two inch minimum is required, but we will always accommodate you with your preferences. Ice melt and sand will be applied as directed by you.
  • Call (651) 353-8174 or email for a quote.