It seems we are back to cold and snow filled winters again!  

Love it or hate it, when you live in this type of climate ice problems can occur.


Every snowfall we have increases in the amount of snow you have on your homes roof. As the snow melts it runs towards the bottom of your roof – if the melting snow runs into snow or ice at the bottom of your roof line, it will freeze before running off.  Starting the form of the ice dam.


Once a dam is big enough it will let very little or NO melting snow run off the roof, increasing the already existing ice buildup problem.  As the ice level increases in size it begins pushing backwards under your shingles and its at this point that the possibility of having water damage inside your home or business is greatly increased.  It does not matter if you have gutters on your roof or not – ice dams can still form.

Prevention – stopping the problem before it happens.

To prevent ice dams from forming on your roof have the bottom 3-6 feet of your roof raked clear of snow. This will allow the melting snow to run off before ice dams ever have a chance to form. Many homes are too tall to use a roof rake from the ground and the snow has to be removed from being on the roof itself. This is where special fall protection is needed and experience is crucial! Trees, utility lines, landscaping, etc. also can be a factor when trying to rake your roof.  Fine Shine provides roof raking services for residential and commercial customers.

Ice Dam Removal

If you are stuck with a ice dam issue on your home or business there is truly only one way to remove it.  The proper method involves the use of gentle non-force methods so that the roof does not get damaged. You should NEVER use brute force, hammer’s, chisels, etc. Any method using force will certainly cause damage to your roof, which will be a much more costly repair down the road.

Our gentle ice dam removal method:

  1. Remove the snow.
  2. Using hot water score the ice, in lines, all the way down to the shingles.
  3. Once we have made our cuts through the ice, we use a special steaming tip to separate the ice from the roof.  This allows us to remove it from the roof in a safe non damaging way.

If you have an ice dam problem on your home or business, we would be glad to provide you with a quote.  It is cheaper to deal with the problem now before it results in water damage later in the spring.  Fine Shine Exteriors has been a family owned local business since 2001.

Contact us at (651) 353-8174 to request a quote today!

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